Making Room for A New Pet

Making Room for A New Petheading

You'll fall in love with that sweet face – we all do. So right now, BEFORE you select your new pet, there's a lot to consider: time commitment, home environment, planning for veterinary care.

The good news: With some preparation you are going to be a great pet owner! Our goal is to help every pet find a loving home environment where he – and your family – will thrive together.

Look At Your Motivations

Ask yourself why you want a pet. If you have a family, check that everyone is on board – and committed for the long haul.

Looking for the truth about cats and dogs?

Here are two great resources that can help you decide about the type of pet that's best for you.

Truth about Cats and Dogs

Look At Your Lifestyle

Assess your lifestyle variables. Consider what's flexible and what is not. This will help you pick the best type of pet or breed of pet for your circumstances.

  • Assess your level of physical activity to match the best pet to your lifestyle
  • When researching breeds consider the ages of any children at home and if anyone has allergies
  • Discuss the responsibilities of pet care and who will share them
  • To help give your pet a lifetime of good health, start them off with an Optimum Wellness Plan®, which includes recommended preventive care

Look At Your Environment

Evaluate your physical environment to see what type of pet or breed of pet will work best in it.

  • Double check that pets are allowed per the lease or homeowners association
  • Consider how much room you have when you are researching pet breeds: home vs. apartment
  • If you have a yard, picture a pet in it: size of yard, gardening, landscaping, etc.
  • Check with neighbors: How pet friendly is your neighborhood?

Look At Your Personality

Your new pet will bring delight – along with a bit of confusion, some messes and lots of laughter. For a win-win, match your personality to the right pet.

  • Be honest about your patience and flexibility; pets require consistency
  • Assess how much time you have to groom your pet or sweep up pet hair
  • Are you looking for an active running buddy, or a pet to relax and cuddle with?
  • Now, take some time to match your personality with the right type of pet or breed of pet

Make The Commitment

We hope this section helped with insight into motivation, lifestyle, home environment and personality as it relates to a new pet. Armed with this knowledge, you can select the best type of pet or breed of pet for you! In the next section, we'll look at how to prepare your home for your new pet.