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Is My Cat in Heat?

Is My Cat in Heat?

Unspayed cats often repeatedly cycle through heat until they are spayed or bred. Frequent and often obnoxious heat cycle behaviors include:

  • Constant, loud vocalizing
  • Rubbing and rolling
  • Placing the hind quarters up in the air while flagging the tail
  • Urine spraying
  • Scratching at doors or windows
  • Repeated attempts to get outdoors

Female cats may also receive loud midnight serenades by courting tomcats. Interested males may also urine mark the area and fight amongst themselves.

When will my cat start her heat cycle?

Young female cats can first come into heat as young as 5 months of age but usually don't until between 6 and 9 months. Some may not cycle until one year of age. To avoid pregnancy, cancer of the reproductive system and the potential for infections of the uterus later in life, your pet should be spayed by 6 months of age. This holds true for indoor cats as well. During a heat cycle, even timid or young indoor cats may do their best to get outside to reach males. It only takes one quick escape outdoors for your feline friend to become pregnant.

Did you know?

The Early Care Plus Kitten Optimum Wellness Plan® includes a spaying surgery for female kittens under 6 months. Owners with older cats also have the option of adding an adult spay or neuter surgery when they purchase an Optimum Wellness Plan.

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