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My cat is spraying in the house. What can I do?

My cat is spraying in the house. What can I do?

Urine marking (spraying) is usually a cat's way to mark territory. The marking behavior is most frequently seen in adult males that have not been neutered. Occasionally, it can be an indicator of urinary tract or other disease. Have your pet examined by a veterinarian to determine if the urine spraying is behavioral or medical.

Causes of Urine Spraying

Behavioral urine marking in males can often be reduced or eliminated by neutering. The best prevention for male urine spraying is neutering by six months of age as most young male cats have not started to urine mark by that time.

Preventing Spraying

It will also be helpful to thoroughly and promptly clean urine marked areas. An enzymatic odor neutralizer may be required to completely remove the scent. Cats often continue to urinate in an area that already has an odor.

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