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Solutions for Jumping Up During Greetings

Solutions for Jumping Up During Greetings

At the very least, most people are a bit uncomfortable when a dog jumps up while greeting them—not to mention that there’s the potential of getting injured in the process. However, we have some handy tools you can use to help control this unwelcome behavior.

To Correct Your Dog's Behavior, Control Your Own

One way to help resolve the jumping up behavior is to not reinforce it when it happens. For example, if your dog jumps upon greeting:

  • Immediately and calmly turn away.
  • Cross your arms.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Do not talk until your dog stops jumping up.

As soon as your dog stops jumping up, calmly engage with your dog again (talking, eye contact, petting, etc.). If your dog continues to persistently jump up, leave the room or close your dog in another area.

You can also use a leash, head-collar or crate to limit your dog’s opportunities to jump on people, especially when visitors are in your home.

Have Some Other 'Tricks' Up Your Sleeve

Teaching your dog the sit/stay command is an alternative way for your pet to greet people. When done successfully, be sure to provide positive attention and reinforcement by praising and petting your dog, and making eye contact.

If your dog reverts back to jumping up, immediately turn away again—it’s important not to give your dog any attention (talking, eye contact, petting) as this will only reinforce the behavior. Physical punishment is never advised because it can lead to fear and aggression in your dog.

Learn More

Download our Solutions for Jumping up During Greetings Handout for more information on taking control of this uninviting behavior, feel free to ask your local veterinarian to put you in touch with an animal behavioral specialist if the problem persists, or check out some of our related links below.