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Molly McAllister, DVM, MPH
Senior Manager, BARK team

Molly McAllister, DVM, MPH  Senior Manager, BARK team

Dr. Molly McAllister is a graduate of Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and has spent her veterinary career working in equine practice, wildlife rehabilitation, and small animal clinical practice, as well developing expertise in small animal nutrition. With Banfield Pet Hospital since 2012, Dr. McAllister is the Senior Manager of Research Programs on the Banfield Applied Research and Knowledge (BARK) team, where she oversees research projects that help explore and inform Banfield doctors and their teams about the advantages of preventive veterinary medicine. She and her husband, Brandon, are the proud parents of one human child, Anders, and his 7 pet siblings, including 3 wonderful rescue dogs, Emma, Bryan, and Gracie, 3 frisky felines, Cassie, Teton, and Amelia, and a horse named Goose.

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