Dr. Kimberly Cook

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Cook completed her undergraduate studies in human biology, health, and society at Cornell University. While there, she took an interest in animal science and education by tutoring at local public schools in Ithaca, NY. Dr. Cook graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014 where she explored a variety of interests including small animal soft tissue surgery and internal medicine, exotics and wildlife medicine, and large animal medicine and surgery. Before joining Banfield in the spring of 2016, she worked as a relief emergency veterinarian and also at a private practice in Florida that handled exotics, wildlife, avian, and small animals. Dr. Cook has two dogs named Juno and Kali, both are rescues she adopted while in vet school. On her days off, Dr. Cook enjoys running, playing with her dogs, swimming, doing yoga, knitting, and creating artwork.

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