Dr. Leah Harris-Anderson


Dr. Harris is a University of Nebraska-Iowa State University veterinary medicine program graduate. She is enthusiastic about all cats (even the grumpy ones!) and loves dogs very much. She considers the human-animal bond to be one of the most important and profound relationships people can experience in life and strives to help improve these relationships every day. She is slowly improving her exotic animal medicine skills and her ability to effectively communicate about veterinary medicine in Spanish. When Dr. Harris was in the US Navy and stationed in Bremerton, WA, she fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and convinced her Nebraska spouse to move here so she could start her veterinary career with Banfield. She and her spouse live with their dogs, Reggie, Reia, and Boomer; cats, Oreo and Lucy; beta fish, R2; and bearded dragon, Silurian.

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