Lia Laqua

Practice Manager

Lia has been with Banfield since 2015 starting as a CSC and working her way up. She is originally from the Bay Area but has lived in San Diego, Omaha, New York, and Minneapolis, and has called Seattle home since 2016. She graduated from Creighton University in 2011 and shortly after moved to NYC. Prior to starting with Banfield, Lia worked in documentary film and television production focusing on social and environmental issues, criminal justice reform, and the Reagan-era War on Drugs, as well as working as a grant writer for funding. She hopes to continue pursuing her passions through Banfield with a goal of being part of the corporate Banfield team in Vancouver, WA. In her spare time, Lia enjoys reading, gardening, film, thrifting, traveling (especially to ancient ruins), and hanging out with family. She lives in Capitol Hill with her husband, daughter, and two cats, Larry and Beezy.