Dasha Ottesen

Shift Lead

Dasha was born and raised in San Francisco, and moved to Seattle with her husband from the Bay Area in 2016. She has a background in fashion but found a love for animals with her first pet, a pom named Stella. She began her Banfield career in 2012 at the Daly City location and was Practice Manager at the Aurora location for about year before deciding to come back to Capitol Hill. Dasha has a German Shepherd named Cassius and a gray cat named Lucius, loves journaling, and is obsessed with Hulu and Netflix. She still loves fashion and goes shopping for clothes and makeup any chance she gets (only animal friendly brands of course!). Her patronus is a white swan, her wand is made of Rowan, and she is a member of Slytherin house (only mildly obsessed with Harry Potter!).