Alex Ross, LVT

Veterinary Technician

Alex has been with Banfield since 2013. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute with honors and has an Associate in Applied Science degree. She was born on Capitol Hill at Group Health Hospital and lived in Seattle until she moved to Tampa, FL with her family at 15 years old. After 16 long years, she decided to come back home. Alex has a daughter named Sydney and a tiny herd including 2 cats, JoJo and Pi, and a dog, Molly. She is very passionate about her role in the veterinary industry, and believes that preventive care and a strong partnership with pet parents are the best ways to help keep pets healthy. She considers herself a foodie and loves to try new foods and dining experiences. Alex also enjoys learning new hobbies such as glass-blowing or going on a salmon fishing charter - she's caught 5 salmon before!