Wellness of Pets

We believe in making a better world for pets through preventive care education, elevation of the pet-human bond and disaster relief and preparedness.

Community Spotlight

Disaster Relief

Associates in Disaster Relief

Disasters are unpredictable, and so is the impact on community resources, families and pets. Banfield partners with the American Humane Association to help prepare pet owners before disaster strikes, and as a first responder in the wake of disaster. Responding quickly with coordinated resources, we are able to treat and safeguard the health of impacted pets.

Preventive Care Clinics

Associates in preventive care clinics

We believe in the importance of preventive care. Not just for some pets, but for all. We partner with nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable human populations so that we can provide care for the pets belonging to those who are homeless, transitioning off the streets or otherwise disadvantaged.

Banfield Pet Academy

Educational Program

Through strategic partnerships with children’s museums and zoos across the country, Banfield veterinarians use our Banfield Pet Academy educational program to teach responsible pet ownership to thousands of kids per year. We also built mini-hospital exhibits inside four museums, providing visitors the opportunity to become a veterinarian themselves, even if only for stuffed animals!


Our program Help Overcome Pet Emergencies - HOPE - delivers immediate help to pets with life-threatening conditions, through our hospitals. For owners who can demonstrate financial need, funds are used for medicine, supplies and life-saving emergency treatment.